Sunshine State of Mind *Coming SOON*

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Original Modern Folk Songs about Florida Well, yesterday I made the final arrangements and the CDs will be shipped later this week! I’m getting very excited about the upcoming release of this project. I know you are going to love these tunes! If you want a free sample click HERE<== Simply enter your email address and […]

Why I Nearly Gave Up Music

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When I’m out on the road with the Dynamic Catholic events team, I’m often asked two questions, “How long have you been doing music?” and “How did you end up working with Dr. Allen Hunt?” I have an elevator answer for both questions. The answer to the first is, “I started playing guitar as young […]

Jim, Charlie & Me

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It seems funny to me that I recall significant moments when my life changed with great clarity. Let me tell you about a few of those moments. I was only 6 years old when Jim Croce was killed in a plane crash. He was someone I never knew; yet, someone who also had a profound […]

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